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June 2017  Inducted into the Las Vegas Blues Hall of Fame by Rita King (BB King)






Endorsements  "World's best noiseless single coil pickups" 


Video   Rick Berthod Band "Steal Away"  2018  Rick Berthod Band "If you Love me Like you Say"  2018  Stoney Curtis & Rick Berthod  " When Sweet Turns to Sour"  2018 Rick Berthod Band "Live"  1-23-2014  Rick Berthod "Turnin' Blue Live" @ The House of Blues 8-28-2013  Rick Berthod "Red Handed" Guitar solo Live @ The House of Blues 8-28-2013  Rick Berthoud "Tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan" @ The House of Blues 8-28-2013  Rick Berthod Band "Live in Las Vegas"  8-1-2013  Rick Berthod  "Cream Tribute"  House of Blues Las Vegas  7-10 2013   Rick Berthod  Doug Shreeve  & John Powell  Tour 2010   Rick Berthod & The Persuader Band  TV show "Cooking with Lenny" 1993   Rick Berthod & Seymour Duncan Fender Fret Fest NAMM 2009  Rick Berthod Band San Francisco CA  2001  Rick Berthod Band  Mid-West tour 2010



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